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Dr. McQueen was the guest on the hour-long PBS show AWARE, shown on WSRE in Pensacola, Florida

Dr. McQueen narrated and was interviewed in the documentary, Waiting Room: Transgender People and Health Care, which was broadcast on WTIU.  


Dr. McQueen at Indiana University:

Below are selected excerpts from a presentation. These are but a glimpse of the passion, humor, and insight Dr. McQueen brings to the stage. Seeing Dr. McQueen in person is the real experience!

Sexual Orientation vs. Gender Identity

Not Always Dichotomous


WFHB Radio Interview

On February 27, 2013, Dr. McQueen was a guest on WFHB FM program Interchange.  The hour-long interview was titled, Boys, Girls, and Beyond.  Click here to link to the website.  A recording of the interview is provided below.

The conventional binary language that applies to gender and sexuality keeps things simple. Men and women, boys and girls, sky blue and pale pink, action figures and dolls. You're either one or the other. However, many contend that it is not so simple, that two identifiers is simply not enough. One such believer is Dr. Kand McQueen. In tonight's episode of Interchange we talk about why two is not enough and how so many humans cannot simply be labeled 'man' or 'woman.' Dr. Kand will lecture on Breaking the Gender Dichotomy March 21, at 7:30 p.m. at the School of Public Health Auditorium (C100). More information at