Testimonials and Evaluations


I teach a sex ed class to teens in my church.  Dr. McQueen's presentations to them have been very moving, and provide great insight into his journey, and into the historical, academic and practical aspects of the complexity of gender identity.  He makes it clear, in an appealing and understandable manner, that thinking of the world as divided in two groups, men and women, is way too narrow.  As he says, two categories aren't nearly enough.

Guy Loftman
Bloomington, Indiana

As I was driving home [from your presentation], I was trying to think of the various words I would use to describe your talk: compelling, moving, dynamic, powerful and enlightening! I thought I knew a lot about the topics you covered, but I still learned so much. I appreciated the way you presented your material in that it flowed, the transitions made sense. Finishing up with telling your own story was especially touching... Thanks, Kand, so much for providing your expertise and your emotional energy to our IU audience. 

Kathryn Brown
Health & Sexuality Educator
Health & Wellness Education
Indiana University Health Center

Dr. McQueen's research of the atypically gendered opens new avenues of understanding concerning a subject often marginalized within the academic study of gender and sexuality.  The voice Dr. McQueen provides is one born of scholarly expertise and personal experience.  Dr. McQueen's research-based findings coupled with the clear directive to clarify the plight of the atypically gendered inspire progressive reactions in both readers and presentation-attendees alike.

Chad A. Becker, Ph.D.

Kand McQueen is adept at conveying knowledge about transgenderism in a manner that is simultaneously rigorous, engaging, and accessible.  Kand has a knack for relating complex concepts to real-life contexts, which leaves the audience not only with a more sophisticated understanding of gender but also with a clear awareness of why they should care.

Suzanne Thompson Clemenz
Diversity Resource Specialist
Purdue University

I had the opportunity to hear Kand McQueen's presentation twice - once for a university conference to a large audience, and again at an NASW continuing education workshop (needed to meet my licensure requirements).  I had heard about Kand's presentation and had been looking forward to hearing him speak for quite some time.  Simply stated, he is exceptional, engaging, energetic, informed, and heart-felt.  I would attend a repeat performance without hesitation.

Ellen S. Epstein, LCSW 

Kand is engaging, evocative and fun.

Franklin Miller, Ph.D. 
Licensed health service provider in psychology

Kand's ability to integrate professional knowledge and personal experience is exceptional.  Kand puts the audience at ease and is equally disarming in approaching the topic.  I have rarely seen an audience more engaged than when Kand presents knowledge and understanding of gender issues.  A phenomenal speaker, Kand’s intellectual and emotional understanding of the topic is unlike most academics.

Julie G. Bloom, M.Ed., L.C.S.W., L.M.F.T.
Psychotherapist and Clinical Member
of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Congratulations on a terrific talk!  It was very cogently articulated and personally moving.  Best of all, what you said seemed so right and so natural.  The response to what you said should be -- and was . . . "of course, why didn't we see things this way."  Bravo

Robert Arnove, Ph.D.
Chancellor’s Professor Emeritus
School of Education 
Indiana University 

Anonymous feedback from attendees:

My name is ******* and I was one of the people in the audience tonight… I am so inspired by the strength you showed on stage tonight. You really showed how to break through societies judgements and stereotypes. I really took a lot away from your speech tonight and I thank you for sharing your story.

It was a pleasure to meet you and hear your message.  I, too, would like to help bring light and education to the uninformed regarding this topic.  Little by little, I'd love to facilitate understanding and acceptance, too.  Thank you for your talk today and your devotion to this cause.  (Mother of a 17 year old transgendered child.)

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk!  You are an excellent presenter---very well structured talk, clear and passionate delivery, really helped lead people through the concepts and framework in a way that was easy to follow.  And I think people really respond to your honesty and openness in talking about your experience.  I was just way impressed!

I just wanted to tell you that I think you are an amazing speaker and loved hearing you share your story!  

Thank you for sharing your very personal insight to a misunderstood aspect of humanity.  

Thank you for being bold enough to share this sensitive subject with persons who may never understand and with those of us who really desire to better create a caring atmosphere in our classrooms. I found your presentation riveting and interesting on the human level and from the scientific perspective as well.  

Thank you so much for sharing your story and I know I am a better person for meeting you and listening to you.  Your presentation was powerful and flawless.  Please keep doing what you are doing and stay confident in knowing that what you are doing is so necessary.  Thank you for being the one.  You take a risk that inspires me and I am grateful that you do.  

I found your story to be deeply heartfelt and passionate. This clearly personal topic was presented very professionally and touched me greatly. You were the best speaker I've witnessed since attending IU. I just wanted to commend you on your efforts to find understanding of transexuals and speaking out on this socially taboo subject. Not many people would be able to do what you do had they been in your position, so you should be outstandingly proud of yourself. So thank you again for your story, I won't forget it.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for you inspirational delivery about transgenderism tonight.  I was truly touched by your story and feel the need to become more informed as a teacher.

Your speaking today really touched me and helped me to think about a lot of things I wouldn't have normally thought about, and I wanted to let you know what a difference you are making. 


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